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Nursing Bras - When To Get Fitted, When To Buy, How to Choose Yours

Nursing Bras - When To Get Fitted, When To Buy, How to Choose Yours

If you’re pregnant and wanting to breast feed, you will need to buy some nursing bras ready for when your baby is born. But getting the right ones isn’t always easy.

For a start there are a variety of features to choose from, and you need to think about which will suit you best.

Some nursing bras have flaps which open to allow your baby access to your breast. These can open from the top, the side or the centre of the breasts. Other styles allow the bra to simply be pushed aside.

You should also choose styles in skin-kind fabrics. Breasts and nipples can be more sensitive when breast feeding and you don’t want to be wearing something which is causing you any extra skin irritation. Go for something like the Anita 5051 nursing bra, with high cotton content, which also has an underbust band of wide, stretch fabric. The cups also shape and support the breasts, which is important during breastfeeding.

Once you have decided which styles you think will work best for you, you need to consider what size to buy. This is where it gets really interesting - because your breasts might grow several sizes before your baby’s born.

So when should you buy a nursing bra? The best advice is to leave it until you’re eight months pregnant. You’ll have a good idea then of what size you’re going to be when your milk comes in. Although when your milk does start after your baby’s born, breast size can increase, so think about buying a nursing bra one size larger – the underbust band should fit comfortably on the last hook.

Your back could become narrower after your baby is born, so look for bras which are adjustable and made from stretchy fabric for extra comfort.

Getting the right size bra isn’t straightforward at the best of times. And buying a nursing bra provides more challenges. Have a look at our measuring guide page to help you get started.

If you would like any help and advice about nursing bras then please do not hesitate to contact us here at AmpleBosom.com, via email or give us a call on 01439 798388 and one of the team will be more than happy to advise you.

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