Monday, 7 April 2008

Bahamas Swimsuit By Fantasie Reviewed By Reader

Bahamas Swimsuit - Make a splash with this stylish swimsuit with adjustable leg. A best-selling classic in solid colours.
Scoop back
Non-adjusting straps
Adjustable leg
34D 36D 38D 40D 42D 44D
34DD 36DD 38DD 40DD 42DD 44DD
34E 36E 38E 40E 42E 44E
34F 36F 38F 40F 42F 44F
34FF 36FF 38FF 40FF 42FF 44FF
34G 36G 38G 34GG 36GG 38GG
Coloured: Black, Bitter Chocolate (New seasonal colour!)
Price: £48.00

Ample Bosom loves to hear what our readers and customers think of the products we stock.

Elkile recently left a comment about the Bahamas Swimsuit by Fantasie,"I love, love, love this suit; I have been buying for several years now. As my weight goes up and down I can order whatever size I am that year and it ALWAYS looks great. I am so glad it is in another color now, too. The best part is that with the full bra I am able to, for the first time in my life, be able to wear a swimsuit in public instead of a bra and tshirt. This is a very comfortable and supportive suit, and beautiful. It accents all the right parts and hides all the wrong parts. There are only two drawbacks, the suits are very difficult to find, I have pondered flying to London to hit Harvey Nick's just to get a bunch. That is manageable though. The other drawback is the fabric they use. It does not tolerate chlorine or sun well at all and within apx 20 uses becomes threadbare. I wish they would change to the chlorine resistant fabrics which I know are available to manufacturer's. I still love the suit, will buy as many as I can, even it is one per vacation, it is still worth it!"

If you would like any help and advice about choosing Fantasie swimwear then contact the Ample Bosom office and one of the team will be more than happy to advise you.
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