Thursday, 25 October 2007

Losing and saving pounds

Great news this week - I have managed to lose a mighty two pounds in weight and am pleased as punch that my efforts are at last paying off. Though I refuse to rest on my laurels too readily; I'll need to try even harder over the next few weeks if I'm to drop a stone before Christmas (and before the inevitable tempations of mince pies) in preparation for my cycling trip to India. There's no reason why I can't though, so long as I stick to my healthy eating plan and swimming and cycling regime - not easy (it's cold outside, and I keep getting hungry ...). But it will be worth it.

I was a little disappointed that my planned appearance on ITV's This Morning will not, after all, be 'happening' for me, as they cancelled at the last minute, though at least it gave me another day in the office (and I saved on the cost of having my hair done!). These things happen. There are times that our customers might change their mind when it comes to placing an order with Ample Bosom, so we are always understanding when you need to do so, and try to be as flexible as we can to help get the order 100% right for you.

And speaking of Ample's permanent policies, we also always have some great offers and bargains for you to save the pennies and pounds while still getting some fabulous lingerie delivered to your door. And at the moment, our bargain box area is full to bursting with great offers and reduced-price offerings - this classic swimsuit by Fantasie (see left) is just one of the latest additions to our Bargain Box, or opt for this beautiful nightie from France with spaghetti straps and tie-up details to make you feel really glamourous (above right). With 25% off some top brands and styles, you just have to visit the site and have a proper look at our sale items - you can specify your size or item and find exactly what you need at the best possible price. And don't delay - stocks are limited and are being snapped up fast!
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Best wishes

Thursday, 18 October 2007

My fitness regime's going swimmingly

You may remember my dedicated preparations for last Sunday's charity bike ride at Harewood House – tales of strenuous cycling, regular swimming sessions and strict(ish) dieting, which were all designed to prepare me fully for the event. I had it in my mind that if I completed this bike ride, it would be a great sign that I’d be ready to tackle the sponsored cycle ride in India next year and still be able to tell the tale afterwards (the phrase ‘what if I can’t do it?’ was beginning to ring in my ears a bit too loudly). So, you all ask, how did the race actually go?

Really well, I'm pleased to report - I managed it start to finish in five hours, no problem, and I wasn’t too achy in the morning. Mind you, it didn’t start out too well - I and my friend were a little late for the beginning of the ride and as the organisers had already started to take down the signs (there’s efficiency for you) we got terribly and hopelessly lost. Concluding that it was time to use our initiative, we made a beeline for Otley Town Centre and joined the ride there. Phew. So in the end it was a success, made even better by the fact that I was up and on my bike again the day after. There’s dedication for you.

It’s not all good news though, as I have put a pound on again this week. Not much but I am really going to put in my best efforts to eat healthily from now on. Having a very light breakfast and something like cold meat and a leafy salad for lunch will prepare me to be able to get into one of our gorgeous new swimming costumes by Fantasie - see above left for the striking animal print Mombassa 'twist front' swimsuit and right to see the beautiful matching skirt - in time for my trip to India. This gorgeous new range is made from a metallic-look fabric which oozes glamour, and is also available as a two-piece bikini. Now that's something worth making the effort for.
So why not have a look at our Ample Bosom website for even more swimwear and a great choice of underwear that'll cheer you up now that summer's well and truly gone.

Best wishes

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Rural frills

This week I got the chance to meet the ladies of the Selkirk Rural Women's Institute ('The Rurals' to those in the know), and after my short talk as guest speaker (about bras of course!) they brought out something to mark what was a landmark occasion for them: they were celebrating their 90th year as an organisation, which is no mean feat. And the best thing? The cake, beautifully iced and frilly, was... well, I will leave you to see the crafts-womanship that must have gone into it (see left). I felt quite honoured - what a work of art!

Mind you, the celebrations don't extend to my update on my road to fitness and the pursuit of a svelte new figure - somehow three pounds have added to my frame despite the fact that I am still cycling regularly even in this horrible weather. My appetite is just so very healthy as a result of the exercise, what else is a woman to do than refuel herself? Still I feel confident(ish) about my sponsored bike ride this Sunday at Harewood House. It is in aid of Cancer Research (it's breast cancer awareness month) and should be a good test of my fitness levels as well as the chance to raise money for a worthwhile cause. And it'll get me fully prepared for cycling in India in 2008 (eek).

And you'll be pleased to hear that nationwide fame still beckons, as I am to appear on This Morning, chatting in the studio with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton, on 24 October. So the haircut and manicure are booked ... make sure you tune in.

Celebrate the vixen in you (or indulge in some striking black and red underwear, anyway) by taking a look at some of the fabulous lingerie new to Ample Bosom - it's by Beautiful and the ranges are Seduction, Elegance and Desire (see left for the classic red and black Seduction bra and shorts). Inspired by burlesque and unashamedly bold, it's available in jewel-like ruby with contrasting black lace, and is sure to make you feel fabulous.

See you next week, when I shall be aching but triumphant after my charity bike ride and I hope lighter and fitter as a result. Wishful thinking?! Don't answer that.

Best wishes

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Fitness, feasting and floaty nighties

I feel quite virtuous and healthy this week.

I’ve been on no less than three 12-mile bike rides, have gone to my local swimming pool every single morning without fail (getting up extra early) to get my lengths in, and as a result of all this (exhausting) effort, have lost … half a pound.

OK, so that’s not really a lot, and you may wonder why such intensive exercise has not meant me dropping more weight. Well, it really is not my fault; I had another very welcome visit from my sons at the weekend and, like any mother, wanted to make sure they got some hearty family meals inside them. And as you know, cooking meals takes time, effort and preparation… so all the cooking and delicious smells made me as hungry as they were, so I fully enjoyed my food over the two days, including our main feast , a wonderful roast goose. Had to be done – at this time of the year (around Michaelmas) it’s a tradition to eat goose – now autumn has begun and the days are getting shorter it seems right to indulge in some tasty fare. That’s my excuse, anyway.

All that extra exercise has increased my appetite but it’s also made me sleep rather well. And to help you sleep in style, I should tell you about our gorgeous and elegant Slenderella satin nightwear, now in stock at Ample Bosom. Available in sleeveless and cap-sleeved styles (see left), the corded lace bodice and wide straps mean style as well as comfort. And you might not know this but satin is actually shinier than silk, and these nighties are made from woven satin, meaning even more comfort. Just visit our website to order one and while you’re there, why not consider a cosy housecoat to keep you toasty?

And if you’re worried about the Royal Mail strike delaying your order, you can rest-assured that on request we can hold your items until you're ready to receive them, though our Post Office tends to remain working so we hope that you will receive minimal disruption.

And don’t forget to email me with your comments about Ample Bosom, about what you like and what you’d like to see more of! We’re always happy to hear from you.

Best wishes